Illinois by the numbers


Ever think about just how big our school is? We have 44,880 students registered at school as of September. Of that total, 33,467 students are undergrads. Here’s the breakdown by college:

ACES 2,622 undergrad, 3,207 total students

Business 3,102 undergrad, 4,195 total students

Education 615 undergrad, 1,201 total students

Engineering 7,564 undergrad, 11,069 total students

Fine & Applied Arts 1,624 undergrad, 2,421 total students

Media 1,015 undergrad, 1,093 total students

LAS: 11,683 undergrad, 14,203 total students

General Studies: 3,000 total students (all undergrad)

Applied Health Science: 1,953 undergrad, 2,233 total students

School of Social Work: 277 undergrad, 511 total students

Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs: 12 students (all undergrad)


Grad students only:

Law School: 530 students

Vet Med: 598 students

Labor & Employment Relations: 186 students

School of Information Sciences: 305 students

Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning: 46 students


Number of undergrads by engineering major:

Agricultural & Biological Engineering: 42

Engineering Physics: 226

Civil Engineering: 757

Bioengineering: 274

General Engineering: 219

Industrial Engineering: 274

Systems Engineering and Design: 4

Computer Science: 1105

Aerospace Engineering: 502

Engineering Mechanics: 137

Mechanical Engineering: 897

Materials Science and Engineering: 368

Computer Engineering: 1195

Electrical Engineering: 1151

Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering: 142

Engineering Undeclared: 75

Non-degree undergrad: 194

There are grad students here from all 50 states and undergrads from every state except Montana. North Dakota is the only state represented by a single undergrad. We have one undergrad student from Guam and both grad and undergrad students from D.C.

Quick shout out to fellow Engineering Mechanics majors: we are the third smallest declared major in the entire College of Engineering, and going strong. We currently have 59 seniors and welcomed in 16 freshmen this year. 

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