Plans for winter break?


FYI, this is not Illinois.
FYI, this is not Illinois.
Another one down!

Guys, we made it. TAM, ME, CS, Calc, Chem, Physics, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, and all the rest…all done for the semester. Congrats in advance freshman on making it through your first set of UIUC finals.  I took a survey on what people will be doing over break and got answers from engineers and non-engineers alike. The most common answer was skiing (good choice); some will be going on the Ski and Snowboard Club’s upcoming trip to Breckenridge. Internships and study abroad were also very popular, as was wandering around Chicago.  Here are some other responses I received:

  • fly to North Carolina
  • visit family in Brazil
  • build an electric racecar 
  • use film cameras with expired film to take cool pictures of the city
  • have knee surgery
  • skate
  • take a trip to the Bahamas
  • teach dance classes
  • build a snow fort
  • go cross country skiing
  • go on a tour with my band
  • see a Broadway show
  • visit Levi Stadium in California
  • see the Christmas windows at Macy’s in Chicago
  • learn more things to bake
  • visit family in Mexico
  • travel to London and Edinburgh
  • cook
  • sleep
  • visit Greeley and Hansen’s headquarters

Quite the array of answers.  Whatever you plan to do (including if it’s nothing), enjoy.  I wish everyone Merry Christmas (and Happy Holidays if Christmas isn’t your holiday).

Until next year,