Summer tapping at my door



Through the seasons: late August.
Through the seasons: late August.
Through the seasons: October
Through the seasons: October
Through the seasons: early February.
Through the seasons: early February.
Though the seasons: March.
Though the seasons: March.
Through the seasons: April.
Through the seasons: April.
Another semester, another year! As my old English teacher would say, it’s been a year, alright. Here is a brief list of some things that happened during this school year:

  • ECE Building opened
  • First weekend of school: 95 degrees, 89 percent humidity
  • 39 degrees on a September morning, followed by a weekend in the 80s
  • Friday night films at the Union started
  • MechSE Open House
  • Homecoming: We beat Minnesota 28-24! And the Chief made an appearance
  • Chicago suburbs got snow, sleet, and crazy cold winds on Halloween, the likes of which Tom Skilling says the suburbs haven’t experienced since 1834
  • Tatyana McFadden won the New York marathon despite “taking a tumble” during the race
  • Election Day: republicans got the majority
  • Veteran’s Day: our first snow (didn’t stick)
  • Nov. 19th: TAM 211 professors warned the class about academic integrity after a student went on piazza and said they use the solutions manual for homework answers
  • 60 degrees in NY and NJ for Christmas
  • Chicago public schools closed for “cold days” in January due to extreme cold temperatures 
  • Je suis Charlie march in response to the Paris newspaper shooting
  • Jan 26th: Huge snowstorm announced on the east coast. Also Australia Day
  • Jan 28th: 80 degrees in Kansas!
  • Tabasco Day in the Ike
  • RIP Illinois student Vicente Mundo, 20 years old, who was found dead several miles south of campus days after he went missing
  • Danny Davis won the X-Games Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe, knocking out Sean White
  • Two Friday the 13ths in a row!
  • Mission Improvable came to the Union for Unofficial 
  • Illini Men’s basketball almost made the NCAA 
  • Duke beat Wisconsin in a close game to become the 2015 NCAA champion (and big heartbreak for Kentucky, whose perfect streak ended in the Final Four)
  • Sidney Lu made a $12 million donation to the MechSE department
  • Illinois hosted the World’s Largest Softball Tailgate XII against Wisconsin
  • Vice President Joe Biden spoke at CRCE about sexual assault 

To everyone returning, have a great summer! Make the most of it, whatever that means to you. And finally, a word to the graduates:


You are now the new generation sending greetings to the happy children of the future. As Clint Eastwood said, “What you put into life is what you get out of it.” All of you have put U of I into your lives; now it’s time to go enjoy what you’ll get out of it. Congratulations.


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