Taylor-Made: At year's end


As summer calls us home, or wherever we may go, I take a moment to think back on the year. I remember sitting in class back in high school listening to teachers try to get us ready for college. I can still hear them plain as day:


“It’s not parties all the time like you think. You actually do have to study.”
“It’s up to you to know when things are due. You won’t have cool teachers like me reminding you every day.”
“College is like a fresh start. You get to choose who you want to be.”
“You have to get yourself to class. No one else is going to make sure you go.”
“Please eat some decent food. I don’t want any of you telling me all you eat is ramen when you come to visit.”
“Don’t get caught.” (Very good advice. Thanks Drev.)
“College is what you make it. So have some fun and don’t forget to learn something.”
“College is a chance to go after your dreams. Anything you’re interested in or passionate about, you can find a way to get more involved with.”

It feels to me now like it was years ago that I was there, but I remember it as though it were yesterday. Such is the nature of years like these. The time of our lives, they say. And it has been quite the year. A few things that happened:

  • Two people got shot in the shoulder with blow darts by someone driving by near Insomnia. This happened the first weekend I was here; welcome to college!
  • Ellnora Guitar Festival at Krannert: Buddy Guy and Lucinda Williams were among the artists who performed this year.
  • Washington, Illinois, was hit hard by a tornado.
  • Dr. Overcash poured liquid nitrogen down the lecture hall stairs in Noyes during a particularly hot class when the air conditioning wasn’t working (thank you!).
  • We had a huge wind resulting in a tornado warning. Apparently some dorms actually had alarms go off.
  • Derek Rose went out for the season again.
  • Illini Alert: Chemical spill in the Chem Annex.
  • While standing outside due to a fire alarm that went off while I was showering, the below-zero weather literally froze my hair.
  • We made national news for slamming Chancellor Wise. Not our best move, to say the least, and you know who you are.
  • The winter set a new snow record in Peoria, with an accumulation of over 54 inches.
  • The Ellen Show came to the Quad.
  • Unofficial 2014: I got to see a guy playing violin on the street. Whoever you are, that was pretty cool.
  • The Illini Formula Electric team won most innovative exhibit at EOH.
  • Mickey Rooney passed away (National Velvet, anyone?).
  • Illini Alert: Suspicious package in the education building.
  • UConn won the NCAA basketball tournament.
  • We had a lunar eclipse (also known as a blood moon).
  • Alma came back. “She’s very tan and a lot bigger than I expected—that must’ve been a long vacation.” (Anonymous)
  • Our girl Tatyana McFadden won the Boston marathon for the second time.

Shout-out to our graduating seniors. You should all be very proud.

It’s been a fun ride, and here’s to next year. But in the meantime, hello summer! And in the words of Calvin:

“It’s a magical world, Hobbes ol’ buddy. Let’s go exploring.”

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