ME 371: Mechanical Design II

Class Description:

Design and analysis of machinery for loadbearing and power transmission. Consideration of material failure modes, including yielding, fracture, fatigue and creep. Design and selection of machine elements: bolts, springs, rolling element bearings, fluid film lubrication, and power transmissions, including gears and friction drives. ME 330 and ME 370. 3 undergraduate hours.


1. Material failure modes (Design against yielding, including multiaxial stress; Stress concentrations and notch sensitivity; Design against fracture; Design against fatigue; Design against creep; and Behavior of composite materials)

2. Machine components (Bolts; Bolted joints; Welding and welded joints; Springs; Rolling element bearings; Gears and gear trains (includes kinematics of gear trains, gear forces, gear selection); Fluid film lubrication; Friction drives (clutches, brakes, traction drives, etc.).


ME:  Required.

EM:  Possible secondary field, with approval.

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