ME 472: Introduction to Tribology

Class Description:

ME 472 - Introduction to Tribology

Course description:

Friction, wear and lubrication; engineering surfaces; surface properties and surface topography; Hertzian contacts, and contact of rough surfaces; friction of surfaces in contact; wear and surface failures; boundary lubrication; fluid properties; hydrodynamic lubrication; elastohydrodynamic lubrication; bearing selection; introduction to micro/nanotribology. Prerequisite: Senior or graduate standing. 4 undergraduate hours or 4 graduate hours.

Designation: Elective course.

List of topics:

1. Introduction to tribology

2. Engineering surfaces

3. Contact between surfaces

4. Friction of surfaces in contact

5. Wear and surface failures

6. Boundary lubrication

7. Fluid properties

8. Hydrodynamic lubrication

9. Elastohydrodynamic lubrication

10. Bearing selection

11. Introduction to micro/nanotribology

12. Current research issues

13. Project presentations

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