Scheduling the TAM PhD Qualifying Examination

To schedule the TAM PhD Qualifying Examination, please do the following:

1. Submit Form A: Request to Form a Qualifying Exam Committee to the Graduate Programs Office, Rm 166 MEB . This form is to be completed in conjunction with your advisor and should be submitted, along with an electronic copy of the work you will be presenting for the examination, no later than three weeks prior to the anticipated examination date.

2. The Graduate Programs Supervisor will provide your information to the Associate Head for Mechanics Programs to review the request. Once the request has been reviewed, a support staff member will contact you to schedule a meeting. A fourth member will be added to the committee (by appointment of the Associate Head for Mechanics Programs).

3. Once the committee has been approved you will begin working with them to confirm a date, time, and schedule the location for the exam. You should see Support Services (Rm 160 MEB) for help in scheduling a room in either MEB or MEL. Please complete Form B: Schedule TAM Qual Exam, and submit to the Graduate Programs Office at least two weeks prior to the exam date.


Contact Info

Graduate Programs Office
166 MEB
1206 W. Green St.
Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 244-3416
mechse-gradatillinois [dot] edu

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