Taiyo Wilson's research involves developing computational methods for modeling non-equilibrium flows and gas-surface and plasma-surface interactions.
MechSE professor Naira Hovakimyan's mathematics background has propelled her to the top of the flight control safety field.
Assistant Professor Yuhang Hu's postdoctoral research has led to an article published in Nature.
ASME has given the 2015 Chao and Trigger Young Manufacturing Engineer Award to Assistant Professor Seok Kim.
MechSE junior Patrick Slade has recently received two prestigious honors.
Cai Mike Wang was honored with the 2015-2016 FMC Technologies, Inc., Fellowship Award.
Mariana Silva and Tammy Smith, both in MechSE's Undergraduate Programs Office, have received the department's Staff Award for Exemplary Service.
Assistant Professor Seok Kim has won the competitive Young Investigator Grant from the Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association.
MechSE PhD student Ritu Raman has won the 2015 Illinois Innovation Prize, a campus-wide competition among student entrepreneurs.
This year's Chainless Challenge team took home some of the top prizes at the competition, including 2nd place overall.
Assistant Professor Kelly Stephani will be working at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base this summer, conducting research on the computation of non-...
In the near future, the Mechanical Engineering Building will look, and function, much differently.
Assistant Professor Nenad Miljkovic co-authored a paper in NanoLetters that demonstrates graphene as a promising hydrophobic surface coating.
Professor Huseyin Sehitoglu introduces a new journal for the shape memory alloys field, called "Shape Memory and Superelasticity."
The MechSE Department has announced a $12 million commitment from alumnus Sidney Lu to build the Sidney Lu Center for Learning and Innovation.
EM student Cameron Alberg is honored by the College of Engineering for his character, creativity, enthusiasm, and dedication to students and faculty.
The M.Eng.ME 12-month master's degree program will launch in Fall 2015.
MechSE senior Tracy Ling will be honored with the Andrea J. Culumber Award from the College of Engineering.
MechSE PhD student Samantha Knoll is honored with the Graduate Student Leadership Award for 2015.
Professor Huseyin Sehitoglu's former students are planning a mini-symposium in his honor at the 2016 Plasticity Conference.

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