In the near future, the Mechanical Engineering Building will look, and function, much differently.
Assistant Professor Nenad Miljkovic co-authored a paper in NanoLetters that demonstrates graphene as a promising hydrophobic surface coating.
Professor Huseyin Sehitoglu introduces a new journal for the shape memory alloys field, called "Shape Memory and Superelasticity."
The MechSE Department has announced a $12 million commitment from alumnus Sidney Lu to build the Sidney Lu Center for Learning and Innovation.
EM student Cameron Alberg is honored by the College of Engineering for his character, creativity, enthusiasm, and dedication to students and faculty.
The M.Eng.ME 12-month master's degree program will launch in Fall 2015.
MechSE senior Tracy Ling will be honored with the Andrea J. Culumber Award from the College of Engineering.
MechSE PhD student Samantha Knoll is honored with the Graduate Student Leadership Award for 2015.
Professor Huseyin Sehitoglu's former students are planning a mini-symposium in his honor at the 2016 Plasticity Conference.
Naira Hovakimyan was recently named director of Illinois' new Intelligent Robotics Lab, where she will utilize her expertise in robust adaptive control...
Eight of MechSE's faculty have won the 2015 Engineering Council Excellence in Advising Award.
Nishana Ismail is recognized for her success and entrepreneurism by the Illinois Technology Foundation.
Professor William P. King joins a council of influential leaders in Chicago to promote technological entrepreneurship and business development in the city.
Gerald G. Fuller presents "The Dynamics of Two Biological Interfaces" at the 2015 Arthur Newell Talbot Lecture on March 19.
Professor Naira Hovakimyan's L1 adaptive control system was successfully tested for the first time on a manned aircraft.
A team led by Associate Professor Kimani Toussaint has demonstrated the first-ever recording of optically encoded audio onto a nonmagnetic plasmonic...
Associate Professor Sascha Hilgenfeldt has been named a Willett Faculty Scholar for his research contributions to the university.
MechSE's Shao Lee Soo Professor, D. Scott Stewart, was honored as a Fellow by ASME.
DJ Podgorny's continued leadership as an undergrad has earned him the Stanley H. Pierce Award from the College of Engineering.
Venanzio Cichella was honored by the College of Engineering for his achievements in research.

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