Martin Ostoja-Starzewski was invited to present several lectures at the International Symposium on Modern Mathematics and Mechanics.
MechSE's Kimani Toussaint optically records encoded information for incredibly tiny distances
MechSE professor Naira Hovakimyan's technology was on display at the Precision Aerial Ag Show. (Video)
MechSE associate professor Kimani Toussaint leads new work published in Nature Communications.
MechSE faculty, students, and alumni take home an impressive number of awards at the International Manufacturing Research Conference.
MechSE's SungWoo Nam is leading an innovative effort for high-performance electronics applications.
Tonghun Lee uses laser and optical diagnostics to study the combustion of biofuels within the confines of today's existing engines.
Professor Ning Wang's impressive research and teaching efforts are rewarded with the College's Hoeft Endowed Chair in Engineering.
MechSE's Sanjiv Sinha is making breakthroughs in finding efficient and cost-effective ways to reclaim lost energy.
This program facilitates training of the next generation of engineering professors.
Matthew West brings project-based learning and innovative instruction to TAM courses.
This NSF video shows how coordination emerges in challenging situations like inside a bee hive.
The gap between stem cell research and regenerative medicine just became a lot narrower.
Hyun Jin Kim takes her wind energy research to the students at Richland Community College.
MechSE Department Head and Tungchao Julia Lu Professor Placid Ferreira is honored for his contributions to innovative manufacturing.
Elizabeth Jones is named one of six 2014 Beckman Graduate Fellows.
Professor Joseph Bentsman is honored for his long history of contributions to power plant control theory and application.
SungWoo Nam is selected by the Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association for his early career research and achievements.
MechSE professor Daniel Tortorelli recently completed a nine-week sabbatical at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where his research on structural...
Randy Ewoldt's rheology research earns him a spot in DuPont's 2014 Class of Young Professors.

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