Roboticist and alumna Melonee Wise is interviewed at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco.
First there were gymnastics examples in TAM 212 and TAM 251. Now there's archery.
MechSE assistant professor SungWoo Nam will head to fourth annual event in November 2016
Sponsored by I2CNER, Toyota, and ASME, the conference is held in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.
Matt West will participate in a symposium to learn and share innovative educational approaches in engineering curricula.
Professor Naira Hovakimyan aims to make history again with her L1 adaptive control system, currently being tested on a manned F-16.
The robust staff of four play a big role in leading the POETS Center to success.
WGN calls MechSE-born company "arguably the most important sports startup in the country."
MIT Professor and Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Gang Chen, presented the Schaller Lecture on August 30 to a packed house.
Paula Moxley and Mona Nordbrock are the support system for a very productive MechSE Department Head office.
Associate Professor Srinivasa Salapaka and ISE professor Carolyn Beck have developed a graph aggregation technique that simultaneously incorporates dynamics,...
A study by MechSE professor Ning Wang, published in Nature Materials, identifies mechanical impact at the cellular level.
Dean Andreas Cangellaris introduced the prototype unveiling by the student team and faculty sponsors Carlos Pantano-Rubino and Blake Johnson.
MechSE assistant professor Gaurav Bahl is leading a multi-institutional team researching wave propagation.
Peter Knapp, a PhD student in SungWoo Nam's research group, was awarded a NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship.
MechSE Professor Harry Dankowicz has been announced as the new Associate Dean for Graduate, Professional, and Online Education for the College of Engineering.
Assistant Professor Seok Kim published a new transfer printing technique that enables highly flexible and scalable manufacturing.
MechSE's dedicated staff in the Graduate Programs Office play an influential role in helping many students succeed.
Wilkins Professor Naira Hovakimyan spoke about her start-up, IntelinAir, and other topics.
Assistant Professor Kyle Smith's paper detailing the desalination of salt water using sodium-ion batteries is currently one of the most read papers of...

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