Jacobi honors Distinguished Graduate Students

Department Head Tony Jacobi has announced ten Distinguished Graduate Students for 2016. Each one of them published an impressive five or more papers last year: Ronald Choe, Venanzio Cichella, Shenghan Jin, Huize Li, Ahmad Raeisi Najafi, Kewang Nan, Karthik Nithyanandan, Avinesh Ojha, Rajavasanth Rajasegar, and Krishnan Swaminathan-Gopolan.
These graduate students represent the department’s top three percent in the number of peer-reviewed journal and conference papers published in 2016. 
“MechSE changes the world, and a big part of how we do it is through our research activities. The ten students we recognized have achieved something truly exceptional. I feel honored to be a part of MechSE, where I can work for students who have this level of impact,” said Jacobi. 
The students and their advisors were honored at a luncheon on March 8.