Controls & Dynamics

MechSE has a premier group in Controls and Dynamics with faculty involved in a wide range of research and educational activities. The research topics include foundational theory development for adaptive control, learning control, nonlinear control, robust control, and filtering. Complementing the analytical efforts is a panoply of applications with high societal relevance, including multi-vehicle coordination, unmanned aerial vehicles, manufacturing, energy systems, and robotics.

Associated with the MechSE Controls and Dynamics group is world-renowned Decision and Control Laboratory of the Coordinated Science Laboratory here at UIUC. With a history dating back to the start of the field of controls through to modern cutting-edge practice, Controls and Dynamics at Illinois has the breadth and depth to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of stakeholders: from undergraduate and graduate students, through government and industrial sponsors, and even broader service to the technical community.

A key to this breadth and depth is the access to more than three dozen courses on the topic available at Illinois for the senior or graduate level; a pedagogical richness unmatched in other curricula around the world.

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