Grad Profile - Keong Han Yong

Keong Han Yong

Why Mechse?

MechSE offers an unparalleled graduate education. I can attest to an environment that is conducive to honing engineering aptitude through state-of-the-art researches and creative spirit, and offering opportunities to make a real difference in areas of my interest. Among graduateprograms, MechSE houses the finest facilities, collaborative incentives, and a diverse community.

Previous Institutions

BS mechanical engineering, Georgia Tech, 2013

Research Projects

My primary research focus is on nano-engineering graphene and two-dimensional materials based nanostructures and devices for multifunctionality. Namely, I have been involved in investigating mechanically driven nano-manufacturing as well as developing multifunctional mechanical meta-materials and sensor devices.

Faculty Advisors

SungWoo Nam


President’s Undergraduate Research Award (2012); Teaching Excellence Award (2015)

Other Activities

I hold a few things dearly in recent years, specifically in exploring the vast culinary arts and pushing forward with my car-building project (M62 Engine).