Grad Profile - Taiyo Wilson

Taiyo Wilson

Why Mechse?

I found the graduate program in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (TAM) particularly appealing because it emphasizes a strong foundation in mechanics and applied mathematics. The program also offers a Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) option. Most importantly, I was impressed with the strength of the research conducted by the MechSE faculty. Also, Champaign-Urbana provides a nice college town atmosphere with plenty of culture and very close to my hometown of Bloomington-Normal.

Previous Institutions

BS physics, Illinois Wesleyen University 2012; MS computational science and engineering, Harvard University, 2014

Research Projects

My research involves developing computational methods for modeling non-equilibrium flows. We seek to develop a multi-scale hybrid framework for modeling chemically reactive gas mixtures. This work is of interest to NASA because predictive modeling of chemically reacting flows is essential for the design and optimization of future hypersonic vehicles. The framework is hybrid in the sense that it uses different solution methods in different flow regions. Equilibrium flows far from the vehicle surface are characterized using continuum fluid equations, while near-surface non-equilibrium flows are modeled using particle-based kinetic methods.

Faculty Advisors

Kelly Stephani


NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship (NSTRF)

Other Activities

In my free time, I enjoy watching films and television, playing video and board games, and listening to podcasts. I also like to stay active and play with my dog.