Project Examples

More than 1,000 projects successfully completed!

Below are just a handful of recent projects.


Compact and Efficient Fluid Power Competition: Additive manufactured excavator cab

excavator cab


Design of a Solar Powered Lemur Heating and Cooling System (for Johnson Controls and the Lemur Conservation Foundation)



Design of an ICU Bed Head Angle Measurement System (for Carle Foundation Hospital and Shell Oil Company)

ICU bed


Design for optimized heat flow across a bolted/gasketed interface (for Boeing)

Boeing project


Surgical pad control box design (for Innoventor)

Innoventor project


Bike helmet design (for Caveat Emptor)

Helmet design


Industrial burner redesign for reduced weight (for Eclipse)

Eclipse project


Bridge impactor design for fault detection (for Civil Engineering)

Bridge design


Cold aisle containment design to save cooling cost (for NSCA)

NCSA cold aisle containment


Design of an affordable human-powered water pump for Cambodia that utilizes local materials and manufacturing techniques (humanitarian project, sponsored by Shell)

Cambodia water pump


Shell Eco-Marathon Americas Competition



NFPA Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge

Chainless Challenge


Design of a waterside economizer predicted to save over $2M/year in cooling costs (for NCSA Blue Waters supercomputer)

Blue Waters


SpaceX Hyperloop

SpaceX Hyperloop