Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

The Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (M.Eng.ME) program is a professionally oriented master’s degree program that provides advanced knowledge and experiential opportunities beyond that of a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. The M.Eng.ME program is coursework-based, industry-oriented, and is organized into three main tracks: Design, Energy, and Manufacturing.

The M.Eng.ME program allows students to earn a graduate degree in this highly sought-after field within one of the world’s most prestigious and largest engineering institutions: The Grainger College of Engineering at Illinois. Renowned faculty and exceptional students are drawn to Illinois because of our global reputation.

New 500-level courses designed specifically for M.Eng.ME students

ME 598: Applied Control System Design and Analysis with Aerospace Examples will be taught by Dr. Kevin Wise of The Boeing Company and Innovative Control Technologies, LLC.

ME 598: Computational Modeling of Industrial Transport Processes will be taught by Professor Emeritus and Research Professor Pratap Vanka, an expert in computational fluid dynamics and computational heat transfer.