Machine Shop
The MechSE Machine Shop is open for walk-in consultations, questions, and other assistance in making your design plans a reality. To see some of the Machine Shop’s capabilities and see its exact location in Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, please view these Machine Shop slides. (And click here to read about the great team running the MechSE Machine Shop.)
Rapid Prototyping Lab
The Ford Concurrent Design and Manufacturing Laboratory, also known as the Rapid Prototyping Lab, provides undergraduate and graduate students access to some of the most up-to-date manufacturing technologies currently in use, which are rarely found in an academic laboratory.  To learn more, visit the Rapid Prototyping Lab website.
MNMS Cleanroom
The Micro-Nano-Mechanical Systems Cleanroom Laboratory provides an opportunity for research and discovery that is otherwise unattainable in a typical laboratory setting. To see the impressive list of equipment you can use here or to schedule access to the cleanroom, please visit the MNMS Cleanroom website.
Innovation Studio
The MechSE Innovation Studio is an ideal area for both undergraduate and graduate students to gain hands-on experience. In addition, the studio aims to provide modern fabrication techniques and services to the MechSE department. The studio is located in the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory and the operation is spread across three large rooms. To learn more, please visit the Innovation Studio website.