Recent News

The Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering has named a new Associate Head for Undergraduate Programs: Andrew Alleyne.
Emad Jassim, Nicole Neighbors, and Pam Vanetta have been announced as winners of the 2014 MechSE Staff Award for Exemplary Service.
MechSE Professor Moshe Matalon is answering essential questions about the nature of combustion, to make it easier and more efficient to make use of its energy.
MechSE's Cliff Gulyash wins the Chancellor's Distinguished Staff Award.
MechSE's Laurie Macadam wins the Chancellor's Distinguished Staff Award.

Seminars and Events

Disquisitiones Mechanicae

Lecture Series 2013-2014

At the cutting edge of research in biomechanics and mechanobiology

Coming this fall and spring, four preeminent biomechanics / mechanobiology scientists will visit campus, interact with faculty and students, and give lectures on their research.

See the Disquisitiones Mechanicae web page for dates, times, and more information.