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Michael Cai Wang was honored with the Outstanding Graduate Student Award for his research, teaching, and mentoring.
Stanford Professor Ken Goodson presented the fall 2015 Soo Lecture on November 19, 2015.
New Assistant Professor Amy LaViers develops high-level abstractions for robotic control in her Robotics, Automation, and Dance (RAD) Lab.
Professor Narayana Aluru has led a team of University of Illinois engineers in finding an energy-efficient material for removing salt from seawater.
Alumnus Neel Kashkari has been named the new president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.
Assistant Professor SungWoo Nam has achieved a 3D crumpled process that enables higher SERS enhancement.
The “Cell/Matrix Mechanobiology: Current State and Future Directions” workshop hosted by MechSE and the College of Engineering brought forth new and exciting...

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