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MechSE professor Martin Ostoja-Starzewski receives honor from Society of Engineering Science.
The team's technology is the first instrumented geared wheelchair wheel to try to quantify the dynamic forces on the user's wrist, elbow, and...
Kenneth Ting has led Hong Kong-based Kader Manufacturing for more than 30 years.
MechSE alumna Lori Gold Patterson has created a one-of-a-kind company in Pixo, located in Urbana.
Dean Andreas Cangellaris and MechSE Professor Andrew Alleyne helped showcase new collaborative space for the POETS Center.
The team that invented a 3D-printable excavator cab was hosted in Tennessee last week to see the printing in person.
The MechSE senior was the lone U.S. representative, among only five worldwide participants, in this exclusive internship.

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