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New professor Katie Matlack uses her expertise in acoustics to understand wave propagation for improved material design.
Nenad Miljkovic and SungWoo Nam were the only faculty from Illinois to be selected for the competitive award.
PhD candidate Jiu (Joe) Xu was awarded the Grant-in-Aid Fellowship from ASHRAE for his work in the ACRC.
Faculty research labs from MEB have moved to a temporary location, called MechSE West, in preparation for the Transform MEB project.
Stephen Gold (BSME '82) leaves IBM to bolster Honeywell's software enterprises.
Recent PhD graduate Ritu Raman and Bioengineering professor Rashid Bashir published the steps for scientists everywhere to create their own bio-bots.
Latest research from MechSE assistant professor SungWoo Nam published in Nano Letters.

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