BS in Mechanical Engineering

Program Overview

Among the most diverse of the engineering fields, mechanical engineering affects almost all aspects of our lives and embraces many areas of specialization: automotive systems; bioengineering; combustion and propulsion; design methodology and tribology; dynamic systems and controls; energy systems and thermodynamics; fluid mechanics; heat transfer; manufacturing and production; materials behavior and processing; and microscale and nanoscale phenomena and systems.

Our ABET accredited undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Illinois is consistently ranked among the best in the United States. Students in our department enjoy access to internationally renowned and award-winning faculty, world-class laboratories, and exceptional resources.

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ME Curriculum Requirements

Mechanical Engineering Flowsheet with Curriculum (pdf)


Below is the Mechanical Engineering Digital Flowsheet. 

Note:  For full functionality, please use the digital flowsheet in Adobe Reader. This digital flowsheet has known compatibility issues in Mac Viewer. Changes may not be saved properly to to the digital flowsheet if it is not opened, modified, and saved in Adobe.

ME Digital Flowsheet (pdf)


ME Tech Electives

The revised MechSE and technical elective list must be used by all students that will start their college career in Fall 2017 and beyond. This updated list includes a new “professional elective” category that allows Mechanical Engineering students to take up to 3 credit hours (towards their technical elective requirement) of 300 or 400 level STEM related courses that will enhance their career opportunities. 

Mechanical Engineering students who began their college career prior to fall 2017 (fall 2017 calendar year) can petition to follow the prior MechSE and technical elective requirements.

Continuing students who already took courses that were removed from the technical electives list can petition to follow the prior technical elective requirements, if they still want those courses to count towards their technical elective requirements.

Petitions for curricular changes regarding technical electives must be sent to