Hunt for Blue October


If you were to map out where engineering students need to go on campus (especially during class hours), you’d see that the majority of paths are pretty much contained within a boundary encompassing Bardeen quad, North quad, Loomis, Siebel Center, MEB, TB, and a few main quad buildings like Foellinger and Gregory Hall. But campus has a whole world outside the Engineering circle that’s yours for the taking. So if you feel like expanding your horizons, see how many of these campus features you can find:

  • the echo spot
  • Eternal Flame
  • Lincoln’s lucky nose
  • Coach Zupke’s grave
  • the tunnel from Chem Annex/Noyes to the Roger Adams lab
  • “Occupy Ur Heart” signs: these are spray painted on inconspicuous surfaces around campus (like the concrete wall in a parking garage off Fourth street), “occupy ur” in black and then a red heart symbol. I’ve found four so far….
  • the tunnel that connects the Armory to Huff gym
  • the haunted floor of the English building
  • the protein statues
  • the chicken car (soon to be famous)
  • Lorado Taft statues
  • Bromley Hall
  • the red slug bug with a spoiler that sits on John St. near Third
  • the ironworks house with the black and white cat (on Springfield)
  • the white Maserati (often seen driving around campus, see if you happen to spot it)
  • the blue sky clock
  • the labyrinth outside Presby Hall
  • Papa Del’s Pizza (it’s Pop’s for pizza or no place at all)
  • any of the University of Illinois brick corner signs (there are several)
  • the fountain near Lincoln Ave
  • Stanley Ikenberry’s portrait (you can see him here…..somewhere)

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that may happen to you while you are searching for any of these. Not even if the English building ghosts catch you or you get eaten by the Lorado Taft statues.
I will end with a riddle for the day: How do you go in one hole and come out three?

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