Graduate Student Life

Graduate Student Societies

Graduate MechSE Students (GraMS) MechSE graduate students are automatically members of Graduate MechSE Students (GraMS). GraMS was established by students in the department to improve the quality of the graduate student experience in the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering. As an organization, GraMS seeks to develop the professional character of members in both technical and non-technical capacities, act as an open line of communication between the students and the administration, and offer social opportunities for the students and faculty to promote fellowship and a more collegial atmosphere. The GraMS executive board can be contacted at Join the GraMS Facebook group.

MechSE Graduate Women (MGW) is a recognized student organization comprised of women in the graduate programs of the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering at Illinois. MGW engages with each other and the department in a number of different ways, including meeting with faculty and seminar speakers, networking, and sharing knowledge on the graduate student experience. The executive board can be contacted at Join the MGW Facebook group.

ENVISION is a group of graduate engineers volunteering in STEM education. The mission of ENVISION is to increase the opportunity of STEM outreach for engineering graduate students at the University of Illinois. The organization seeks to promote leadership, communication, and teaching skills. Furthermore, we strive to encourage personal connections amongst the students in the Graduate College of Engineering.

MechSE students are also very active in GradSWE, NSBE, and SHPE chapters at the University of Illinois.