Scholarships and Awards

All MechSE scholarships are awarded to outstanding prospective students or to continuing students with exceptional academic records, and there is no application process. However, continuing students are considered for monetary awards. Students within the department will automatically be considered for awards as long as a current résumé is on file with Engineering Career Services.

Scholarships are usually selected by a departmental committee over the summer term. It is quite a rigorous process, but if a student is selected for a scholarship, he or she would be notified around late August or early September. There are many different scholarships, but most are awarded to students with high academic standing.

The University of Illinois Office of Student Financial Aid has a database of many scholarships, ranging from college to university wide scholarships.

There are also many campus awards for which you can apply.

Financial Aid

MechSE students may be eligible for several types of financial aid, including scholarships, grants, loans, and federal work study. Details on these programs can be found on the University of Illinois Admissions website.